Start Healing

One of the first steps of one’s healing journey is finding a sense of safety. Unfortunately, in occupied Palestine, safety is hard to find when the violence and trauma is perpetual, non-stop, continuous. We use a trauma informed method in everything we do, which means compassion and acceptance is always at the forefront. We are recognizing the issues and inciting change within our inner selves. Change starts with an intentional choice. You start the hard work, and we provide the compassion, support, and resources.

Homeland Center for Women and Children is Healing our Homeland’s first Healing Unit. It is located in the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in Gaza, Palestine. 

If you are a woman or child living in Gaza, contact us to schedule an appointment to start your healing journey. Walk-ins welcome! We encourage women and children from the community to stop by our Healing Unit and say salaam/hi/hola/shalom and have a cup of tea. Or come in, say  nothing, find a quiet spot and be. All are welcome. Come as you are.

If you are a Palestinian woman and cannot come in person, follow us on social media for updates on virtual events to strengthen the connection between us during our healing journey.

Our hours of operation are:

Saturday – Wednesday

9 am – 2 pm

How To Help

There are many ways to help Palestinian women and children. At Healing our Homeland, we know that increasing cooperation and collaboration within our community is key to healing. Healing our Homeland has launched

Volunteer & Internship

If you have a skill that you think could help, contact us and let us know that you want to invest your time in Healing our Homeland.     

We are always in search of Arabic speaking mental health providers who share our vision and are willing to invest their time in the women and children of Palestine – in person or online.

Please email [email protected] regarding volunteer and internship opportunities. Please provide your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of your background and skills in your email.

NOTE: volunteer and internship positions are not paid. We are happy to provide documentation for course credit.


We know the power of women coming together and we are ready for it! We cannot do this alone.

We are always interested in connecting and organizing with other individuals, movements or organizations that are dedicated to serving women, children, and resisting injustice and oppression.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in collaborating with us.


You can help by increasing your own understanding and empathy. Understanding must come before intervention. Educate yourself and others about what is happening in Palestine. There is so much misinformation and propaganda that it is hard to tell what to believe and what not to believe.

You can start by checking out our social media. 2021 was the year that we saw how social media can be used as a tool for raising awareness and organizing change. Do not underestimate the power of a follow, save, comment, share and like. It only takes a few moments to make a difference.

Link to Instagram and Facebook

Invest in healing

Donating to Healing our Homeland is an investment in our collective future. We must invest in women and children to bring equity and equality to our society. By providing a safe space for women and children to heal, we are inspiring them to create a brighter future. When we empower the disempowered, we all heal together

Healing our Homeland is a grassroots movement formed by Palestinian women. We hope that those who resist injustice and oppression invest with us. We aim to be transparent with our donors and will issue a financial report annually.

Let us unite towards liberation.